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Your agreement for your bookings made on loveorlandotickets websites

loveorlandotickets websites are owned, managed and operated by:

Isango! Limited
Registered address - Suite 3, Level 5, Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London, W1Y 6BY, UK
Office address - 10 Furnival Street, London EC4A 1YH, UK

loveorlandotickets websites include:

i. for residents of UK
ii. for residents of Republic of Ireland
iii. for residents of Canada

Please read these booking conditions carefully as they are the sole terms and conditions for your booking transactions on loveorlandotickets websites

A. Related Documents
The following additional documents set out policies for use of Love Orlando Tickets websites, policies on content submitted as product reviews and our privacy policies. While agreeing to these booking terms and conditions, it is your responsibility to review these additional documents.
1. Website Terms of Use
2. Reviews Policy
3. Privacy Policy

B. Scope and Coverage.

These booking conditions are applicable to all bookings made on the loveorlandotickets websites or through the Love Orlando Tickets customer service call centre.

Certain tickets sold on Love Orlando Tickets website can only be booked by residents of UK and the Republic of Ireland. Where this is the case this is clearly detailed under “please note” on the product page. Reasonable steps have been taken on the loveorlandotickets websites to ensure residents of other countries cannot make a booking. Bookings for these tickets on loveorlandotickets websites can only be made using a credit card with a billing address within UK or the Republic of Ireland. . Love Orlando Tickets will not be liable should any tickets that are held by non UK/Republic of Ireland residents not be accepted for entrance to the parks..

C. Status of Isango! Limited (Trading as loveorlandotickets)

For the booking of theme park tickets Isango! Limited (trading as loveorlandotickets ) is acting as your booking agent.

Isango! Limited (trading as loveorlandotickets websites) in their capacity as your booking agent will arrange for you to enter into a contract with their relevant intermediary agents, suppliers or principals named on the vouchers and tickets issued as part of the booking. .

For purposes of most Orlando theme park tickets, Isango! Limited (trading as loveorlandotickets) organises the bookings through HOTELBEDS, S.L.U., its main intermediary for provision of theme park tickets.

HOTELBEDS, S.L.U. is a legally-constituted Spanish company with registered office at Complejo Mirall Balear, Camí de Son Fangos, 100 - Torre A, 5. Planta, 07007 Palma de Mallorca, Spain, with licence number BAL- 512 M/D granted by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of the Balearic Islands (Spain), tax identification code B-57218372 and registered in the Mercantile Register of Mallorca (page PM-44863, volume 2007, and folio 118).

D. Terms and Conditions of the Relevant Service Providers and their agents

Since loveorlandotickets websites only act as your booking agent in respect of all bookings made through their intermediary agents responsible for provision of tickets, hence the relevant intermediary agent's booking conditions will prevail over our terms and conditions in cases where loveorlandotickets websites and the relevant intermediary agent's terms and conditions conflict with each other. More details on this matter are set out in clauses 11 and 12 below..

E. Specific Terms and Conditions

1. Prices and price changes

As loveorlandotickets websites act only as your booking agent (as set out in section C above) in the booking process, loveorlandotickets websites and their relevant intermediary agents reserve the right to change, amend or correct prices shown on our site at any time before or after you have booked. After you have booked, if the price of your booking changes in such a way we will pass on the details of the change as soon as possible.

2. Changes made to your booking by us

loveorlandotickets websites and their intermediary agents will do all we can to tell you of any significant changes to your arrangements. If you do not wish to accept the change, wherever possible the relevant intermediary agents may offer you an alternative arrangement with an alteration in price or otherwise the booking will be cancelled and we will refund you all the monies you paid us at the time of booking.

As your booking agent only (as set out in section C above) loveorlandotickets websites are unable to accept any liability for any changes, significant or otherwise, to your booking.

3. Circumstances beyond our or our supplier's control

No compensation of any kind or responsibility can be taken if, due to circumstances beyond the control of loveorlandotickets websites or the relevant intermediary agents, we have to notify a change to your arrangements or we or the relevant intermediary agent cannot supply your arrangements in full or in part as agreed, or you suffer any loss or damage of any description. A circumstance beyond our or the relevant intermediary agent's control is one that cannot be foreseen or avoided, even after taking all due care and includes but is not limited to war, terrorist activity, civil unrest, industrial disputes and bad weather situations or forecasts.

4. If You Have a Complaint

If you have cause for complaint whilst on your trip, this must be brought to the attention of the venue staff (guest relations office in case of a theme park or tour guide in the case of a tour) immediately so that action can be taken to remedy the problem. Failure to report your complaint in this way may jeopardise any claim you subsequently make. Complaints must also be notified to the loveorlandotickets websites Customer Services Department at your earliest opportunity. The assistance we provide to resolve your complaint is provided in our capacity as a booking agent only (as set out in section C above).

5. Prices and Payment

We accept the following credit cards
• Master
• Visa
• Visa Electron
• American Express
loveorlandotickets does not charge a service fee for processing credit card payments. Full payment by credit card is required to make a reservation. Payment will be listed as "Isango Limited" on your credit card statement.

Prices are per person, unless otherwise specified. Prices include VAT (Value Added Tax) and local taxes unless otherwise stated, Prices are based on the local tariffs at the time of quoting converted at the prevailing foreign exchange rate. Price quotations are subject to change without notice until a booking has been confirmed.

Not included as part of the services we offer are any applicable foreign departure, security, port charges, park fees, customs, immigration, agricultural, passenger facility charges and international transportation tax. In addition, tips/gratuities to hotel staff; passports and visa fees; baggage and personal insurance; beverages and food not listed under inclusions in the travel product and all other items of a personal nature are also not included. You should retain sufficient local currency to pay for all of the above items if necessary.

Low price guarantee

We believe that our prices represent excellent value. Consequently, if you book with loveorlandotickets and subsequently find the same product cheaper elsewhere in a printed brochure (within 7 days of booking), we will refund the difference. Likewise, if you are yet to book and have found cheaper tickets published in a printed brochure, we will also match the price!. Please note that this price must be published in a printed brochure and priced in the same currency as loveorlandotickets.

The ticket price must be based on a single ticket and therefore this price guarantee excludes group discounts. All surcharges will be taken in to account (including credit card fees and delivery costs etc) and this guarantee doesn't apply to special discount offers or promotional ticket prices. If we price match with another Company then we reserve the right to withdraw any added value that we would normally send with the tickets.

6. Changes you request after booking but before consumption

Any changes that you request for your bookings will be subject to cancellation policy set out below.

7. Cancellation or changes by you

Please note that all bookings made on Love Orlando Tickets are non-refundable.  If for any reason you wish to cancel your booking a 100% cancellation penalty will apply.

8. Passports/visas and health requirements:

It is the responsibility of all passengers, regardless of their nationality, to check with the appropriate authorities about any visa and immigration requirements. We will not accept any responsibility if you or any passenger will travel without the correct passport, visa, health insurance or any other immigration requirement.

9. Information Accuracy

We and our intermediary agents regularly review all details about the theme park tickets and additional tours and attractions offered to ensure accuracy. Please note all the information about opening time and the address of the voucher exchange venues given are subject to change

10. Our liability to you

We act only as a booking agent (as set out in section C above) for any service booked and we have no liability of any kind whatsoever to you or your party or dependants for any death, personal injury, loss, consequential loss or damage of any kind you or your party or your dependants may suffer unless caused by our own negligence. loveorlandotickets websites, our employees or agents are acting as agents for you and your party. loveorlandotickets websites, its agents and suppliers also accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any government restraints, acts of war and terrorism, weather conditions, or for any misadventure or casualty or any other force majeure or causes beyond their control as set out in clause 6 above. Subject to the terms and conditions on this site, loveorlandotickets websites liability shall be limited to up to the price paid for the booked tickets.

11. Suppliers Conditions

You are bound by the booking conditions of the relevant intermediary agent and conditions of carriage where relevant and these conditions apply to your contract with loveorlandotickets websites

In the event of any conflict between the conditions of the relevant intermediary agent and those of loveorlandotickets websites, the relevant intermediary agent's conditions will prevail provided they are valid and enforceable, otherwise loveorlandotickets websites conditions will prevail. The relevant intermediary agent's conditions may limit or exclude their and our liability to you and they may be subject to international conventions. Copies of the relevant parts of these terms and conditions are available on request from loveorlandotickets websites or the relevant intermediary.

12. International Conventions

If any international convention applies to or governs any of the services or facilities supplied by us on behalf of our suppliers, and you make a claim against us of any nature arising out of death, injury, loss or damage suffered during or as a result of the provision of those services or facilities, our liability to pay you compensation and/or the amount (if any) of compensation payable to you by us will be limited in accordance with and/or in an identical manner to that provided for by the international convention concerned (in each case including in respect of the conditions of liability, the time for bringing any claim and the type and amount of any damages that can be awarded). International Conventions which may apply include: in respect of international air travel, the Warsaw Convention 1929 (including as amended by the Hague Protocol of 1955 and by any of the additional Montreal Protocol of 1975) or the Montreal Convention 1999; in respect of rail travel, the Berne Convention 1961; in respect of carriage by sea, the Athens Convention 1974; in respect of carriage by road, the Geneva Convention 1973; and, in respect of hotels, the Paris Convention 1962. You can get copies of the relevant conventions if you ask us. For the avoidance of doubt, this means that we are to be regarded as having all benefit of any limitations of compensation contained in any of these conventions or any other international conventions applicable to your travel arrangements.

13. Travel Insurance

It is a condition of our contract with you that you and all members of your party have suitable and sufficient travel insurance to cover your journey as neither loveorlandotickets websites nor our intermediary agents, can be held responsible for any liability, expenses or losses you incur as a result of being inadequately insured. We strongly recommend that at the time of booking a comprehensive travel insurance policy is purchased.

14. Travel Voucher(s)/Theme Park Tickets:

loveorlandotickets websites will send your vouchers to the email address you provide at the time of booking.

It is your responsibility to exchange the vouchers for the relevant theme park tickets at the designated voucher exchange venues located near the theme parks. The tickets that you will get in exchange for these vouchers can then be used for entry to the parks. Please note that these vouchers cannot be used for entry to the parks.

Detailed instruction and information related to process of exchanging vouchers for paper tickets and the validity period of the vouchers are set out in the voucher and on the loveorlandotickets websites website. . Please note that the vouchers will bear a stamp of HOTELBED S.L.U.

If your booking qualified for any additional give-away or you bought an excursion or a discount card then additional voucher(s) will be sent via email.

It is your responsibility to inform us if you lose any or all of your vouchers or you have sufficient reason to believe that the vouchers may have been stolen or fallen into the hands of people who may misuse the voucher.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are carrying all the correct documentation and present them at the relevant exchange venues. When presenting your documentation, the Lead Guest is required to present valid photo identification, bearing the name of the Lead Guest. The theme park ticket(s) and/or the voucher(s) may be confiscated if Photo ID, Credit Card / Gift Certificate and Signature do not match the Lead Guest.

15. Your responsibility

Please note you are responsible for you and your party's actions. If we or our suppliers believe your actions or those of your party could cause danger, upset or annoyance to other customers, guests or staff, we, our intermediary agents or the relevant theme park operators may end your booked arrangements immediately. In this event neither loveorlandotickets websites nor the intermediary agents will pay any compensation, make refunds nor pay any expenses you suffer as a result.

You are responsible for your personal safety and for the safety of the accompanying people dependent on you. Please take time to understand and then conform to the health and safety rules stipulated by the relevant service provider or the facility or by the appropriate government authorities including the Foreign Office in your country of origin.

You agree to defend and indemnify Isango! Limited (trading as loveorlandotickets ), its intermediary agents, affiliates, and/or their respective suppliers and any of their officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any claims, causes of action, demands, recoveries, losses, damages, fines, penalties or other costs or expenses of any kind or nature including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees, brought by:
• you or on your behalf in excess of the liability described above; or
• by third parties as a result of
• your breach of this agreement or the documents referenced herein;
• your violation of any law or the rights of a third party; or
• your use of this website.copyright

16. Part-payment bookings

Love Orlando Tickets allow you to split the cost of booking by paying a deposit and paying the balance near your departure date. The following terms and conditions apply to part payment bookings.
• Part payment scheme is available for phone bookings only
• Part payment scheme is available only for customers booking 8 weeks in advance of their arrival date
• Please note that we are unable to accept part payment on Discovery Cove bookings. Discovery Cove must be paid in full at the time of booking
• 10% must be paid at the time of booking to guarantee the rate, 90% must be paid at least 14 days before your arrival date. Please note we are unable to accept the 90% payment in installments
• E-vouchers and free gifts will be issued within 48 hours of receiving the balance
• Customers must call and pay their balance at least 14 days in advance of their arrival date. If we do not receive your payment we will cancel your reservation and the 10% deposit will not be refundable
• 10% deposit is non-refundable should you decide not to go ahead with your booking

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