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A whimsical, one-of-a-kind park, Aquatica™ is one of Orlando’s most famous water parks. As part of the renowned SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment group, Aquatica™ goes beyond just splashy fun, granting visitors access to the world’s most wonderful sea creatures and exciting underwater experiences.  

Amid Aquatica’s™ lush landscaping is a unique selection of epic water slides. The signature ride at Aquatica™, the incredible Dolphin Plunge® boasts two awesome tube slides that send riders speeding through a lively lagoon filled with playful Commerson’s dolphins! Two river rides keeps things interesting at Aquatica™. Roa’s Rapids offers a speedy adventure along rolling waters, while Loggerhead Lane’s gentle ride offers a relaxing sojourn for visitors.

Those with a competitive edge will revel in the chance to put friends and family to the test on the Taumata Racer. This head-to-head slide sees groups returning to its helms again and again. One of Aquatica’s™ latest attractions, the Omaka Rocka ride thrills all ages with its high-speed tubes and half-pipe funnels.

For those that fancy some downtime, head to one of the gigantic wave pools for a dip. Ranging from serene to extreme, these pools are perfect for the whole family. While the Big Surf Shores pool offers 5 ft swells, Cutback Cove’s pool waves gently lap against the white sandy beach.

Love Orlando Tickets offers a range of tickets, granting unlimited access to Aquatica™, and other SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, for 14 days. 


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