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Welcome to SeaWorld®, the world’s best-loved marine park! With awe-inspiring marine shows, countless close-up animal experiences and epic roller coasters, SeaWorld® promises fun and adventure for visitors of all ages.

Thrill seekers will revel in SeaWorld’s epic ride Manta®, the only flying rollercoaster of its kind in the world. Soar head first through sea and sky and get up close to incredible animals on this innovative flying coaster. Another firm favourite, the epic Wild Arctic® ride takes visitors on a unique polar expedition. This simulator jet-copter brings riders close to walrus’ and beluga whales!

Adventurous souls also shouldn’t miss Kraken®, Orlando’s only floorless (and tallest!) ride, which twists and turns upside down seven times! For another unique experience, the Journey to Atlantis® is a must-do. This one-of-a-kind water coaster uncovers the mysterious lost city and boasts one the steepest, fastest, and wettest drops imaginable!

The world's first 3D, 360° dome theatre experience, TurtleTrek gives riders unprecedented access to turles and manatees as they soar through the animals’ quarters. A turtle's view of the ocean isn’t the only perspective you’ll gain at SeaWorld®, with motion-controlled video games and abundant animal encounters all inspiring visitors to explore, enjoy and appreciate the marine world. We know you’ll love and be inspired by meeting the many animals SeaWorld® has rescued and protected in their conservation efforts, too.

A visit to SeaWorld® promises experiences beyond your wildest dreams.


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