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Magic Kingdom


The first of Walt Disney World®’s parks, Magic Kingdom® is Disney at their traditional best. It’s all things classic fairy tales at Magic Kingdom, with all your favourite Disney characters, the iconic Cinderella Castle, and six amazing themed lands captivating visitors big and small.

The heart of Magic Kingdom® lies in Main Street USA, the stomping ground for the park’s most elaborate and spectacular parades. Head to Main Street on any given day and you’re bound to come across an extraordinary parade or two.

With hidden treasures and jungle experiences on every turn, the wondrous Adventure Land is home to some of Disney’s most sought-after rides and attractions including the ever-popular Pirates of the Caribbean experience and the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride. Whether you’re experiencing a whole new world on a magic carpet or cruising through the jungle’s river rapids, you’ll revel in each and every new discovery in this land of firsts. 

Rooted in the history of the American Old West in the early 19th century, Frontierland brings the wonders of the Wild West era back to life. And, wild it is, with rides including Splash Mountain’s rollicking log flume ride and Big Thunder Mountain’s runaway trains offering once-in-a-lifetime thrills and spills that simply can’t be passed up. 

Home to the most photographed building in Walt Disney World® – and perhaps the whole of Orlando – the magical Cinderella Castle acts as the base for Fantasyland’s plethora of enchanting rides and attractions. From reliving the Journey of the Little Mermaid to flying with Dumbo, both big and little kids alike see all their Disney dreams come true at Fantasyland.  

Designed to depict the future as imagined by the world’s best sci fi writers of the 1920’s and 30’s, Tomorrowland’s forward-thinking rides and unusual attractions has made it one of the most popular areas of Walt Disney World®. Head here to experience park favourites like Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

The USA’s exciting early heritage gets the picture-perfect Disney treatment at Magic Kingdom®’s Liberty Square land. Early colonial times are celebrated through iconic relics like the Liberty Bell and Liberty Tree, while a stroll through the Hall of Presidents relives the trials and tribulations of America’s early days. One of Walt Disney World®’s most popular attractions, the Haunted Mansion, finds its home here, too.

All of Love Orlando Tickets’ packages for Walt Disney World® tickets offer access to Magic Kingdom®. Plus, all tickets include FastPass access - a unique Disney system that allows you to pre-book a slot on the park’s most popular rides and in turn, avoid the hassle and stress of lengthy queue waits.


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