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Blizzard Beach


One of two water parks at Walt Disney World®, Blizzard Beach is one of the resort’s most popular destinations. The latest water park, Blizzard Beach boasts the fastest and tallest water slides in Walt Disney World. The park’s tamer attractions prove popular among the little ones too. 

In token Disney fashion, Blizzard Beach was crafted from a bizarrely unique concept. Disney legend has it that after a freak snowstorm hit Orlando, excited residents built their own ski-resort, only to find that the snow melted all too soon. And so, the ski-resort-cum-water-park was born.

The park’s centrepiece, Mt Gushmore’s 90ft-high peak is the launchpad for all the rides at Blizzard Beach. One of the world’s fastest and tallest water slides, Summit Plummet offers an adrenaline kick, while another super-fast slide, known as the Slush Gusher, welcomes only the bravest of patrons. The wave pool, Melt Away Bay, offers some much-needed downtime, allowing visitors to float languidly on its shores. For those explorers keen to kick back, the Cross Country Creek ride is the perfect way to both relax and see the park.

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