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Discovery Cove


Welcome to Discovery Cove®, an island paradise where you and your family can play and swim with dolphins, wade with graceful rays, snorkel among shoals of exotic fish, discover underwater shipwrecks, feed tropical birds and kick back on pristine beaches.

About Discovery Cove®

A delightful tropical island, Discovery Cove® promises watery fun, the chance to hang out with exciting ocean creatures and blissful beach time for visitors of all ages. Part of the renowned SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment group, this unique Orlando resort’s biggest draw card is its beautiful Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, which visitors can happily meet, swim and play with. Visitors also love snorkelling with rainbow-hued fish in the Tropical Reef, making friends with the ocean’s rays and chilling out on the stunning white sand beaches.

Other epic experiences at Discovery Cove® include getting to know some playful sharks (don’t worry, they are safely housed behind glass barriers!) in the Tropical Reef, feeding striking tropical birds in the Explorer's Aviary, and relaxing in the waters of Serenity Bay. Home to playful otters and curious marmoset monkeys, the Freshwater Oasis exhibit is also a must-see in the park.

Discovery Cove® is an exclusive experience, with entrance limited to only 1000 guests a day. All the necessary equipment is provided on the day for visitor’s comfort and pleasure. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the day are all included with your ticket. Unlimited day access to Discovery Cove's Stingray Lagoon, Serenity Bay, Wind-Away River and Explorers' Aviary is also included.

Packages available at Discovery Cove®

Discovery Cove® Package with Dolphin Swim

This option includes an unforgettable 30-minute interaction with delightful dolphins! That's not all, this package also includes 14 days of fun either at SeaWorld® and Aquatica™

Discovery Cove® Package without Dolphin Swim

The perfect package for those who want to enjoy all Discovery Cove has to offer without the dolphin swim. This ticket also includes a fortnight's adventure at SeaWorld® and Aquatica™

Discovery Cove® Ultimate with Dolphin Swim

Includes the famous Discovery Cove® 30-minute encounter with a playful bottlenose dolphin and 14 days access to the SeaWorld®, Aquatica™ and Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay theme parks plus Parking in all three parks.

Discovery Cove® Ultimate without Dolphin Swim

Revel in all that Discovery Cove that has to offer, except the dolphin swim. Your package also includes a fortnight of fun, with 14 days access to SeaWorld®, Aquatica™ and Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay theme parks plus Parking in all three parks!

The Dolphin Swim at Discovery Cove cannot be taken by children under the age of 6. Children aged 6-12 must be accompained by an adult (aged over 21)


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